Hills in the gym

Title says it all. This week the evil pan said to do 10 repeats. Bah humbug.

Running notes
Route: Gym
Height climbed: 10 x 2 minute hill repeats (9 at 5 incline and the last one at 7 which was depressing as I clearly wasn’t trying with the others)
Time started: 06:12
Total time: 1:05 ish
Total distance: 11.5km ish
Temperature: Outside 20˚ (inside Wembley Square probably 24˚)
Runner’s condition: Fine


Monday run

Mountain with Atlantic.

Running notes
Route: Kloof Nek car park to the Lower Cable Station turn at the end of the tarmac on Tafelberg Road and back
Height climbed: 180m
Time started: 17:51
Total time: 1:17:21
Total distance: 12.59km
Weather conditions: Sunny with breeze
Temperature: 20˚
Runner’s condition: Fine


46.5km training run

That is the second furthest I have ever been. Nice little jog around the Peninsula until I left a blob of my DNA on the road to Noordhoek when I stacked it again (hell, it wouldn’t be a long run if I managed to stay vertical the whole way would it?). I lost the good runners on Chapman’s Peak (no surprise there). Ended up in the sea at Hout Bay after debating with Wiebs whether it was safe from parasites and god knows what else. We jumped in anyway and kept our mouths shut.

Running notes
Route: Start at the Chapman’s Peak Hotel, over Constantia Nek, through Constantia over the M3 and meet Main Road. Turn right through Lakeside and on via Muizenburg, Kalk Bay and Fishoek. Turn right at the circle and on to Noordhoek, over Chapman’s Peak Drive and back to the Hotel
Height climbed: ?
Time started: 06.30
Total time: 5:00 (about 20 minutes for stops)
Total distance: 46.5km
Weather conditions: Southeaster straight in the face from Main Road to Fishoek
Temperature: 27˚
Runner’s condition: Bitching