Don’t wanna go, don’t wanna go, don’t wanna go…

How can it possibly take 45 minutes to pull a pair of shorts on and dress myself in a running vest? This extreme procrastination at 5:30 this morning made me late to work. Note to self – set alarm for 5:15 next time. Aarrgh.

Running notes
Route: Gym
Height climbed: 9 x 2 minute hill repeats (3 at 5 incline 10 speed, 3 at 5 incline 9.5 speed, 3 at 5 incline 9 speed)
Time started: 06:31
Total time: 1:08:04
Total distance: 11:84km
Average pace: 5:55 min/km
Temperature: Outside 22˚ (inside Wembley Square probably 26˚)
Runner’s condition: Fine
Song of the run: Jaime T: Sheila


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