I hate Sea Point

My heart sank as they said ‘lets go this way’ pointing north towards Sea Point. I hate Sea Point. Not only do certain sections of the promenade stink, they are literally covered by walkers, other runners, small dogs and even smaller children, bergies, and its paved. So if something off the afore mentioned list doesn’t trip you up then your knees are knackered. I hate Sea Point. I really hate Sea Point, in fact I loathe the entire section from Bantry Bay to the Waterfront. I think you get the point. Off we trot. It takes us about 30 minutes to the water fountain in the promenade at which point the other three decide to turn. O.M.G this means I have to press on further into the hideousness for another 25 minutes and all the way back to Camps Bay by myself. No ipod because its a club run and we like to chat, gossip and dissect injuries. O.M.G.

Running notes
Route: Sand Bar, Camps Bay to Mouille Point (which is the stinky bit) and the Newport Deli and back
Height climbed: Flat
Time started: 07:02
Total time: 1:42:37
Total distance: 16km (Not measured with Nike+ as I forgot it)
Weather conditions: Sunny with a breeze
Temperature: 24˚
Runner’s condition: Tired from yesterday’s round trip to Joburg


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