Heavy legs

Oh god, oh god, oh god… What a nightmare getting up the hill from Kloof Nek to the Cable Station. My heavy post race legs were an understatement. They felt like lead. The South Easter was blowing, and to make matters worse I made everyone run Tafelberg Road (because my race plan said one hour and thirty minutes) oh they were cursing me as we ran into gale force winds at the corner below Devils Peak. Seemed to warm up a bit at about 10km and actually led the pack back to the cable station. Maybe I’m loosing some weight and getting fitter? Either that or I was looking forward to finishing…

Running notes
Route: Kloof Nek car park to the Lower Cable Station turn at the end of the tarmac on Tafelberg Road and back
Height climbed: 180m
Time started: 17:54
Total time: 1:19:22
Total distance: 12.25km
Average pace: 6:29 min/km
Weather conditions: South Easter (that’s serious wind if you’ve never been to Cape Town)
Temperature: 23˚
Runner’s condition: Sore legs and knees


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