Track me on Sunday

So if you want to see where I am at what time on Sunday take a look at the tracker on the Comrades site. Just enter my race number – 49268.



So my bag is packed, I’ve triple checked my flight papers and my entire race kit is in my hand luggage (worst case scenario if the jokers at Durban Airport manage to lose my bag all is not lost on Sunday), I’m going to be wearing my running shoes (with chip already tied) from the second I wake up, until I’ve laid my kit out in the hotel room tomorrow afternoon. I’ve memorised the route profile. I’m also taking a tree’s worth of every email I’ve sent and received from the Comrades Marathon Association as well 256 print outs with my race number on them. I know I won’t be able to breathe until I’m holding that damn thing in my hand and I’ve pinned it to my vest. I’ve never experienced OCD, but this is as close as it gets… Maybe I should also pack my birth certificate, or how about a third piece of photographic ID?

Right now there is nothing worse in the world than showing up to the EXPO tomorrow and the important peeps behind the registration desk looking at me blankly. My heart is racing just thinking of the possibility.

Now I’ve thought of that I’m going to unpack everything and just check it one more time.


So by this time next week I’ll have been running for 7 hours…

Can’t stop thinking about next week. I keep checking the clock and imagining where I’ll be. Cato Ridge? The chicken farms? Oh god.

We had our Comrades breakfast with the club yesterday at Primi in Camps Bay. The atmosphere from the supporters was pretty festive, but you could tell who’ll be running next week because they weren’t smiling. I sat next to Casper Greef who is 75+ and on his 38th Comrades outing, he confided to me that he was hanging on in there for his 40th medal, he didn’t look happy either.

So now I was completely wound up, I went home and got all my race kit out; vest, shorts, socks, vaseline, its all hanging out on the chair by my bed, so now when I wake up in the morning its the first thing I look at. Oh god.


So that is it: A twenty minute run finishes 1281km and five months of training

Its all over. A 4km tempo run finished my Comrades Marathon training this morning. I ran it faster than race pace on purpose, just to feel like I did something, but no, it still felt like a let down. Its all the more depressing knowing that I’ll break myself so badly I won’t be able to run like this for close to three months after the race.

The guys at work ask ‘are you feeling nervous now you know what to expect?’ – yes and no… Is it possible to feel numb and terrified at the same time? Quite frankly after staring the beast in the eye for the first time last year, going back there again is insanity. As a novice the last 30km is a big blank, you’ve heard the war stories, but you say ‘lets see what happens when we get there’, I’ve been there and I can tell you its not pleasant. OMFG. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.

Running notes
Route: My house up through De Waal Park, down Government Avenue and back home.
Time started: 7:30
Total time: 20 minutes
Total distance: 4.5km
Weather conditions: Cool
Temperature: 15˚
Runner’s condition: Shitting herself


3 hills to go

Last hill session. I’ll miss you Bellevue Street. Not.

Running notes
Route: 1km hill repeats at 30% x 3 up Bellevue Street
Time started: 6:30am
Total time: 40 mins
Total distance: 6km
Temperature: 13˚
Runner’s condition: Good