Back to Cape Town and 60kmph winds

What is it with the sodding weather? I go from freezing to being blown about the reservoir this evening – I actually had to hold my t-shirt down before the south easter ripped it off. Luckily nobody saw my wobbly bits because I was the last one in the park this evening. I managed to get thrown out by a security guard at 7pm, who tapped his wrist energetically – the universal hand signal to indicate that he was locking up – no point in speaking in this howling gale.

Running notes
Route: Very slow jog in De Waal park around the reservoir.
Time started: 18:35
Total time: 30 mins
Total distance: 5km
Temperature: 24˚
Runner’s condition: Tired from the London night flight, and not going to over exert myself before Sunday.


Last run in London

Catching the flight home tonight, so got in an hour and twenty which mutated into an hour and forty five when I took a wrong turn in Bexley Village and compounded my mistake by taking a ‘shortcut’. Was cold and miserable when I got back.

Running notes
Route: From the parents house through Barnehurst, back through Bexleyheath to Bexley and then a more zig zag route back.
Time started: 8:50am
Total time: 1:45
Total distance: 16km
Temperature: 5˚ and drizzle
Runner’s condition: forgot the bloody gloves again, despite doing this on Sunday as well.


Oi oi!

I went out in shorts this morning despite the drizzle and freezing wind (because I hate running in leggings on long runs) and ended up getting hooted at. OMG – did he not realise I’m old enough to be his mother?

Running notes
Route: Out with my sister from the parents house through Welling, then by myself to Shooters Hill over the A2 and then to Blackheath and back
Time started: 8:45am
Total time: 1:55
Total distance: 18km
Temperature: 4˚
Runner’s condition: effing freezing (forgot the gloves)


Evening run

So I didn’t bother to go for a run this morning and went to the shops instead. Out this evening to make up for it.

Running notes
Route: The parents house to Crayford through Dartford and on towards Greenhithe and back.
Time started: 16:10
Total time: 1:40
Total distance: 17km
Temperature: 8˚
Runner’s condition: Fine


More rain

I’m beginning to wake up looking for excuses. It was raining. Again. And that old bloke at the bus stop was staring which was somewhat uncomfortable.

Running notes
Route: The parents house down Gravel Hill, over the A2, through Old Bexley onto the North Cray Road to the roundabout and back.
Time started: 8:10am
Total time: 1:20
Total distance: 12km
Temperature: 11˚
Runner’s condition: Bored